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Nickname: Yukii, Cherry
Age: 14

Likes: sweets, cakes, ice cream, music, fun, chocolates!!!
heights, bugs, ghosts
Talents: Singing, Drawing, Reading, Dancing and Singing and more singing!

Color: Orange and Blue!!!
Food: Cakes, snacks, Chinese food
Animal: Puppy and Kittens (adorable)
Music type: Jap. pop, Disney Songs and Chinese Classical
Mermaid princess: I Love Seira! I can sound like her when i sing. I think she is really sweet and her voice is mature yet cute for her age.

Leader or Follower: Mostly Follower but i make a good leader when needed
Speaker or Listener: Listener, but i speak to give advises
Persistant or Weak-willed: Persistant
Outgoing or Shy: More to the shy part
What do you look for in the opposite sex?: Caring, Romantic (a must), understanding and funny!

Post a picture of yourself or describe your looks:
I have black eyes and long, soft brown hair. I'm mostly seen wearing clothes that are casual and comfortable. But i do wear skirts and some pretty clothes when going out! I'm always wearing a shell bracelet on my right wrist and with my hair let down. I love sweet food and is always hopping around for fun!
SInging daily is also a must do for me ^^ my voice is more to the cute yet slight mature type

p.s: you can check out my singing at www.youtube.com/user/snowywingx
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Love Shower Pitch! (Would you like an Encore? ^_~

I only just discovered Pichi Pichi Pitch about a week ago but I've become an avid fan that amount of time. The amount of data I have bookmarked is probably on the ridiculous side and I've tracked down a fair amount of the music as well. (My MM playlist is over 60 songs long now!)

I suppose onto the rating thing then, yes? I've never joined a rate community before this morning so here goes! (Hopefully this will make the community active again too)